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OPEN CALL for the curated show:

XOXOXO (Treasures from the Vault)

We all need hugs and kisses. 

Especially your favorite works that have been in your studio all this time.
The contemporary art world is a lot about the now and the new, the latest and the greatest. Not all your work can be shown and sometimes once shown, the unsold works go back to the studio where they will remain as hidden gems, waiting for a special occasion like a retrospective. 
The Heejsteck# is looking to show your work that has been in the studio for more than 10 years. They may have been exhibited before.

So send us an image of the work (one work maximum) you want to show @heejsteck# in the exhibition XOXOXO (Treasures from the Vault)

title, artist, size, year (from before 2014), 

has the work been exhibited? if yes, when and where?
Can you tell us about the work and why it should be in the show?

XOXOXO (Treasures from the Vault) will run from June 16 until August 25.


Email your work and info to:

Deadline May 22nd 2023 12:00

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