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5x1: Female Contrapositions

April 9 - June 11, 2022

This female only exhibition is based around the Kimberly Clark video Next Level (4:11) from the Temporary Devotion series. 

"While I might be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last"


It is 'his' art history, hers is largely unreviewed.

For 'her' voice, many struggles had to be fought.

Anno 2022 we can fortunately no longer exclude her position, her passions, her knowledge, her dreams, her secrets and her presence. 


Female Contrapositions is a group exhibition in which each artist takes up a different position with her work.

Several messages are conveyed, visible and invisible ones. If these remain hidden, she acts in her own secret handwriting. 

We encourage you to discover for yourself what space each one occupies.


The sculptures of Silvia B. explore the nature and will to (over)live. Lost years of guilt and innocence intertwine in a web of adaptations to the environment.

The works embody both the pleasure and the drama of contemporary life in the Anthropocene.

Does the work "Kaya's Journey" embody that the smartphone can become an "add-on" to the body?

Will we become part of the technology or will we use the technology to put out the fire?  


Elsemarijn Bruys is concerned with the aesthetic pleasure in the temporality, mutability and transience of existence. She celebrates appearances, effects and the moment.

Elsemarijn Bruys' monochromes 'PUFS' are magical like our self-evident sun. 

The works refer to everyday utensils such as down jackets, air mattresses and packaging material but also to Jeff Koons and Jan Schoonhoven.

Does the work represent the taste of today's digital generation?


Yvonne Engelander has been socially activist involved for most of her working life before turning to nature.

Focused on nature; first as a garden designer and more recently in the creation of tapestries.

Out of personal preference, she began to delve into felting.

Experience showed that with focused use, a gradient from rough to soft, from light to dark and from flat to deep could be created.

Special colors and painterly combinations emerge in dye baths where vegetable pigments are mixed.

From research, the love of felting and a new definition of her being, she created these works for the exhibition.


The artist collective Kimberly Clark consisting of Iris van Dongen and Ellemieke Schoenmaker, among others, is drawn to the atmosphere of the night. The night is not safe for many women. In order to bravely move around in it, many women make all kinds of mechanisms their own.

It is precisely these whimsical situations that Kimberly Clark sought out for the video "Next Level," a journey through Berlin where a woman in a Halloween-like costume seeks her way through surrealistic ordeals.


Olga Fedorova's work is as visually complex as it is seductive. She works at the interface of photography, painting, digital imaging and installation. She uses 3D software to create forms reminiscent of ready-made models and places them in spaces and landscapes characterized by their chilly, clinical and impersonal atmosphere. Fedorova's work is typified by the evocation of a distant, dreamlike atmosphere. Her images feel simultaneously strange and familiar, reassuring and unsettling. 

Five times one is an exhibition format showcasing works by 5 different artists. The format is especially fitted for the pentagonal shape of the Heejsteck#. This series of exhibitions is an experiment based on intuitive notions and interest in the hectic contemporary life.

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