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The First Meeting of the Stone Liberation Front

V&B (Alex Jacobs en Ellemieke Schoenmaker) @Big Art

450 x 450 x 310 cm

Pigmented and inked plaster, plaster casted chairs, jute, aluminium, lightbox.

In a world where humans are still struggling on various levels to respect each other, animals, nature, climate and our entire planet, the original inhabitants of the earth are taking up the challenge. 'The First Meeting of the Stone Liberation Front' is an installation consisting of a circle of chairs with various stones on them, which make us think about why people appropriate rights that seem to apply only to themselves.


The symbolic "liberation of the stones" reminds us of the fragility of nature and humanity's responsibility to restore the balance between our curiosity and the earth's long-standing history. Within this circle, ideas are exchanged, frustrations are shared, laughter and crying, and plans are forged for a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. In doing so, participants lay the foundations for a deeper understanding and respect for the world around us.


Or as the "Pebble Freedom Fighter" put it in the meeting:

'Our patience is exhausted!


We choke with indignation, we lack words to stigmatize the crime. Our hearts shudder at the sight of the horrors, the monstrous abuse and slaughter of defenseless cobbles  and boulders.


But enough! We cannot calmly contemplate these crimes any longer.


To you, men and women of all countries who love freedom and progress, we appeal for the last time. If our appeal remains a voice crying in the wilderness, if no heed is paid to our protests and our merciful conduct, if they are to be regarded as symptoms of weakness, then the enemy will have only himself to blame—for we shall give reign to our indignation and destroy him in his den.'

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