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ˌai ˌai ˈai (intrinsic gestures)

April 6 - June 10, 2024

Opening Saturday April 6, 2024

Adnan El-Mecky, Melle Nieling, Niels Post en Petra van Noort, Hyperweirdkids, @sm___it, Katie Hallam, Michiel van der Zanden.

As early as the early 1950s, our existence has been influenced by the use of Artificial Intelligence. This influence has become so great with the advent of ever faster computers that we are bombarded daily with content generated by a computer program. These texts, photos and chat help but also paintings, poetry and music are no longer distinguishable from "real" and find their way into our computers, iPads, and phones but also, for example, our cars, lamps and doorbells. 


Under the hashtags #nofilter and #ArtByHumans, an attempt is being made to hold on to the romantic notion that what we see is “authentic” and/or a "photograph" of something that really exists. Something not created or smoothed out on the computer.


ˌai ˌai ˈai (intrinsic gestures) or ay ay ay as in Spanish ouch! is an exhibition that explores how artificial intelligence or  a computer can make a positive contribution to a work of art without compromising some form of craftsmanship of the artist.

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