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Diurnal Dangers, Factor 50.

Art Rotterdam 2024, Booth #64 Heejsteck#

Peter Vos, Tom Putman en V&B (Alex Jacobs en Ellemieke Schoenmaker)

This concept stems from an idea on the relation we have to the Sun.

In ancient times the Sun was very much adored as the primary source of

all life and generations. Without its energy nothing would be possible.

Nowadays our energy mainly comes from fossil fuels found in the Earth.

On a large scale this has led to changes; natural raw materials have

become chemical/plastic based. The use of these fossil materials that were

built up in a geological timescale disrupts the holistic natural system of

the Earth and her environment.

The power of the sun and the disruption of the system (Climate change) is

used in the booth as a backdrop to the works of the artists.

The works in the Booth represent a trinity of The Earth (V&B),

Nature (Peter Vos) and Human Behavior (Tom Putman).

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